Scholarship Announcement

We, the Scholarship Committee of the 7th ICAAP to be held in Kobe Japan between Friday, July 1 and Tuesday, July 5, are pleased to inform you that the results of the scholarship selection were sent to applicants by e-mail, fax, or postal mail last week.

Scholarships are meant to support and promote participants to join the opportunities to share ideas and experiences, learn skills and best practices, and bring what they obtained at the conference back to their communities and fields.

In the selection process, we tried hard to be very sensitive for applicants' vulnerability such as HIV status, gender, sex workers, drug users, indigenous people, and sexual orientation. And the results reflect them, we believe.

We have been trying hard to secure as many scholarships as possible to make its meaning possible. However, we would like you to know that we haven't been able to award so many scholarships due to the following difficulties:

-Total budget/income of the conference is not so high so far and the Local Organizing Committe is still in difficulties to raise money.

-Cost of the expenses for scholarship in Japan is very expensive.

So, we tried our best to make the number of awardees biggest by doing the following action.

*In the beginning, we set 20% percentage of the total budget, which is likely same as 6th and 5th ICAAP for scholarship budget. And at last we hit the target.

*By having negotiations with agencies many times, we discounted some items of scholarship, and finally we increased 30 awardees more at last minute. Also, we prioritize for providing FULL scholarship to make sure awardess can stay without worries.

We have about three months to have the ICAAP, and we look forward to welcome all the people and to have honor of your attendance at this exciting and informative congress in Kobe.

Cordially yours,

Masao Kashiwazaki
Chair, 7th ICAAP Scholarship Committee