The LOC expresses its deepest regret for the recent Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami.

The LOC of the 7th ICAAP expresses the greatest sorrow/regret for a great number of people who lost their precious lives and who devastatingly suffered from the recent Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami. We strongly appeal that the members of our international community shall unite our forces to prevent further expansion of infectious diseases and to swiftly restore order and peace of the affected regions.

This catastrophe is not irrelevant to the future course of AIDS epidemic in the devastated regions for it enhances social vulnerability of those who live there. In a crisis situation as this, determination by the mankind to unite our forces is indispensable. We have no doubt that the 7th ICAAP serves as an occasion where the determination as such is greatly reinforced and expressed. We, the LOC, would like to guarantee you to continue our effort to bring about your successful and unforgettable 7th ICAAP in July 2005.

January 5, 2005

Tadamitsu Kishimoto
Chair, the 7th ICAAP Organizing Committee