Call for Media Accreditation to the 7th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific
July 1-5, 2005

The HIV epidemic, present through the Asian-Pacific region, is on the verge of explosive expansion. Even though the history of the epidemic is relatively young in the region, it has hit susceptible populations hard, and the impact is evident. The potential of HIV becoming more widespread among the youth remains a serious concern, and actions taken now will likely determine the future course of the epidemic in the region.

The Seventh International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP) will be held from July 1 to 5, 2005 in Kobe, Japan. The theme of the Congress is 'Bridging Science and Community', and it is anticipated that this important event will attract at least 3,000 delegates, representing a broad cross-section of organizations from committed scientists to community people who have been working with dedication to fight against AIDS in the Asia Pacific region.

2005 marks a special year for the worldwide struggle against HIV/AIDS. It is a year by in which the Declaration of Commitment of the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS expects member states to report progress of the measures implemented with respect to their national goals. It is also the year in which an outcome of the "Treat 3 Million by 2005" (3 by 5) Initiative advocated by WHO/UNAIDS will be evaluated for the first time. We are honoured to host the 7th ICAAP in this commemorative year for the global fight against HIV/AIDS and to provide a place to exchange, learn and build cooperative partnerships for participants from important international agencies and organizations as well as people from over 60 countries in Asia and the Pacific region and beyond, including African and the Middle Eastern countries.

Representatives of the media - press, photo, radio, television and film - are kindly invited to apply for media accreditation to cover the 7th ICAAP. Please find detailed guidelines for the application procedure for media accreditation here.