Plenary Sessions
Experts on HIV/AIDS-related issues will be invited from around the world to give plenary lectures during the Congress. It will be a great chance for delegates to listen to the world' s most distinguished researchers, community leaders and policy specialists. Plenary Sessions will be held every morning from July 2 to 5.

Invited lecturers will discuss cross-track issues in the Symposia. There will be one or two Symposia taking place in the three timeblocks each day after the Plenary Sessions.

Oral Sessions
Speakers will be allowed a ten-minute presentation followed by a five-minute discussion.
Delegates wishing to make presentations are required to submit abstracts following the instructions shown in Call for Abstracts/Proposals. The Program Committee will then review the abstracts and select papers for the Oral Sessions. If one's abstract fails to be accepted for an Oral Session, there will still be a chance to be accepted for a Poster Presentation. The result of the review will be informed around April 10, 2005 with instruction for speakers including the available presentation equipment.

Poster Presentations
Posters will be displayed from 9:00 to 18:00 from July 2 to 4, with a daily change. Delegates wishing to make Poster Presentations are required to submit an abstract (See Call for Abstracts/Proposals).
The size of posters and all the necessary information will be provided to the author in the acceptance letter to be issued around April 10, 2005.

*Entry Required
Skills Building Workshops
Skills Building Workshops at the 7th ICAAP will provide opportunities for Congress participants to improve various skills that they can apply to their daily work in communities. We are aiming to provide workshops that will be useful for a wide variety of people who are working in HIV/AIDS related fields-from PLWHA and staff members of AIDS service organization to educators and clinicians.
The workshops will provide practical techniques that can be readily applied in the field, including the following issues: cooperation between physicians and patients to maintain treatment in a resource limited setting; improving understanding between prevention/care workers and clients etc.
We are also planning to include workshops dealing with building skills that are necessary for effective running of HIV/AIDS related community groups such as fund raising, managing organization and information gathering by using the internet.
The Skills Building Workshop Committee, in cooperation with the ICAAP International Advisory Committee will decide the precise topics of the Skills Building Workshops to be offered, based on present needs and workshops that have been popular in the past, but we will also be including a number of themes that are requested by Congress participants. Individuals or groups who would like to hold a Skills Building Workshop are requested to fill in all relevant information on the Abstract/Proposal Submission Form and submit it to the ICAAP Secretariat by January 5, 2005 (See Call for Abstracts/Proposals).

Cultural Programs
Multiple Cultural Program will be held simultaneously not only at the Congress site but also in some facilities located in the central part of the Kobe City during the scheduled term of the Congress. Messages to appeal for support for people living with HIV/AIDS as well as prevention, care, treatment effort will be sent to people through a wide variety of modes of expressed in various forms such as art display, stage performance, dance, music, which is sure to make the venues in the central part of Kobe a unique and precious place of exchange between the Congress delegates and the people of Kobe.
Those wishing to make performance are requested to submit proposals using the Abstract/Proposal Submission Form (See Call for Abstracts/Proposals).

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Community Forum
Japanese NGOs and community workers together with the Seven Sisters coalition of Asia Pacific HIV/AIDS networks, are very much looking forward to welcoming our friends from all over the Asia Pacific region at the 7th ICAAP Community Forum which will be held on July 1 (before the official Opening Ceremony in the evening). The Forum will be an important opportunity to network and share experiences as well as providing an orientation for Kobe and the 7th ICAAP so that all community delegates can participate fully and effectively in the main Congress. As there tends to be a lack of information available regarding Japanese NGOs, we are also planning on taking this opportunity to give our Asia Pacific colleagues an overview of the situation of the Japanese HIV/AIDS Community. We hope to build on this after the Forum and provide a free space to enable the Japanese community and our Asia-Pacific colleagues to further exchange views, experiences and information.
The framework of theForum will enable participantswith common intereststoworktoget

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Positive Action
her, for example insmaller workshops. The workshops will reflect the structure of the Congress so that community opinions and perspectives can be effectively communicated during the Congress and reflected in the final plenary. Join in this opportunity to share and strategize! We look forward to seeing you in Kobe.

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HIV Positive Forum
The Regional HIV Positive Forum for PLWHA will be actively continued at the 7th ICAAP on the first day of the Congress, July 1.
Even though we may be different in terms of nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or cultural background, the problems that PLWHA are facing are similar in that they involve access to healthcare, stigma and discrimination, and the social involvement of PLWHA. If PLWHA members from various countries and regions can gather together in a comforting environment to discuss these issues and understand each other's position, we will be able to overcome various obstacles and create a mutually supportive environment. In addition, if we can bring back these important experiences to each community and reflect them in the activities there, the PLWHA members living and fighting in all areas of the Asia and the Pacific region will be greatly strengthened.
Also, at the 7th ICAAP, in order for participants to be able to join the Congress more conveniently, in addition to guidance for the Congress, conference centers, and transportation in Kobe City, we are preparing various programs including general guidance for satellite symposia, community events, and a lunch party for intercommunication.
In principle, participants of the Regional HIV Positive Forum are limited to PLWHA members.

*Entry Required
Youth Forum
Communicating accurate messages to young people is one of the major keys to responding effectively to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. But how often do we, young people, get the chance to make the voices heard?
Following the very successful Youth Forum held at the 6th ICAAP in Melbourne, we are also planning to hold a Youth Forum in Kobe. HIV/AIDS has a disproportionate effect on young people and the Youth Forum will be an opportunity to express our views on prevention and care to policy makers and care givers. We expect young people under 25 will be the participants of this forum.
Young people in Japan hosted Asia Pacific Youth Forum 2003 in Kobe, and have been preparing for the Forum in 2005. We look forward eagerly to welcoming as many young people from the Asia Pacific region as possible to Kobe.