Official Travel Agent
JTB Corp. (hereafter referred to as JTB) has been appointed by the Organizing Committee as the Official Travel Agent for the Congress and will handle all related travel arrangements including hotel accommodation. Inquiries and applications concerning arrangements should be addressed to:

JTB Corp.(JTB)
Event & Convention Sales Dept.
Western Japan Regional Headquarters

JTB Center Bldg. (7F),
2-1-25, Kyutaro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0056 Japan
Tel : +81-6-6260-5076
  Fax: +81-6-6263-0717

Hotel Accommodation
JTB has reserved a sufficient number of rooms at the following hotels for Congress participants at special discount rates. Those persons who wish to apply for hotel reservation are requested to complete the Application Form, and send it to JTB no later than June 10, 2005 by fax or mail with the necessary deposit (JPY 10,000 per room) and JTB handling fee (JPY840 per room).
Hotel assignment will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.
* Through webpage you can apply with the deposit (JPY10,000~) and handling fee (JPY420)

Daily room charges are as follows:
Name of hotel
Rate (Japanese JPY)
Access to Congress Venue
A Portopia Hotel JPY8,400 JPY14,700 1min. on foot
Kobe Harbor Land New Otani JPY9,975 JPY17,850 train & 5min. on foot
Hotel Okura Kobe ( 1) JPY13,650 JPY23,100 train & 10min. on foot
Shinkobe Oriental Hotel JPY9,975 JPY17,850 train & 5min. on foot
Kobe Merikenpark Oriental Hotel JPY12,075 JPY19,950 train & 15min. on foot
Quality Hotel Kobe JPY7,500 JPY13,000 1min. on foot
B Hotel Monterey Kobe JPY8,925 JPY15,750 train & 15min. on foot
Hotel Pearl City Kobe JPY 8,400 JPY14,700 5min. on foot
Kobe Tokyu Inn JPY8,400 JPY14,700 train & 3min. on foot
Sannomiya Terminal Hotel JPY 9,000 JPY16,000 train & 1min. on foot
Kobe Washington Hotel Plaza JPY 8,400 train & 5min. on foot
Hotel Sun Route Sopra Kobe JPY 9,000 JPY16,000 train & 5min. on foot
C Kobe Sannomiya Union Hotel JPY 7,140 train & 10min. on foot
Green Hill Hotel Kobe JPY 6,825 JPY12,600 train & 10min. on foot
Kobe Plaza Hotel JPY7,875 JPY13,650 train & 1min. on foot
Chisan Hotel Kobe JPY 7,350 JPY14,700 train & 5min. on foot
Sunside Hotel JPY6,000 train & 5min. on foot
Kobe Tower Side Hotel JPY 6,825 JPY12,600 train & 10min. on foot
Kobe Luminous Hotel JPY 7,875 JPY14,700 train & 5min. on foot
Holiday Inn Express Kobe JPY 7,875 JPY13,650 train & 10min. on foot
Hotel Via Mare Kobe JPY8,400 JPY14,700 train & 10min. on foot
Sun Members Kobe JPY6,300 JPY10,500 train & 3min. on foot
Notes: 1) Above rate includes tax and service charge but excluding breakfast.
2) The deposit of JPY 10,000 will be deducted when settling the bill with the hotel.
3) If your desired hotel (1st and 2nd choice) is already fully occupied, we will reserve for you another hotel instead.
4) 1: including breakfast

If you want to cancel your hotel, a written notification should be sent directly to JTB.
The deposit will be refunded, but the following cancellation fees will be charged depending on when the notification is received by JTB.

Up to 9 days before the first night of stay No charge

8-2 days before the first night of stay

20% of the daily room charge (minimum: JPY 2,000 )

One day before the first night of stay

80% of the daily room charge

The same day, or no notice given

100% of the daily room charge (JTB handling fee is not refundable)